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Internal Healing Center

Crystal Young, LCSW

Crystal Young is the founder and CEO of The Internal Healing Center. She has over 10 years of experience in the field of mental health and provides services with the underlying belief that our preceding life experiences, adversities and events have shaped the way we currently think, which in many facets governs our behaviors as adults. Crystal believes that in some cases these events, adversities and traumatic life experiences may be the very thing that keep us restricted mentally, and/or emotionally hostage.

She obtained her Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Central Florida with an emphasis on childhood trauma; her experience includes under-represented youth, adults, the homeless population, and community members. Crystal aims to serve and guide individuals on a journey of healing to help them regain their power through various modalities such as psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral therapy and exposure therapy.

Crystal enjoys helping people discover their untapped power and helping them thrive in their healing and strengths. Although she has encountered and worked with many individuals, she knows that every approach must be tailored and distinguished to each individual in order to help them arrive at a place of equanimity. 

 “Although one may be free in body, they can still be held hostage in all other areas that make up the person as whole”.- Taylor Pickett-Smith